Relaxer Day!

Greetings! I wanted to do a quick post-relaxer update!

I started by basing my hair with my mom’s Isoplus castor oil (she did not have any Vaseline) and applied that and some EVOO to the length of my hair. This stuff has to be some of the worst stuff you can put in your hair (sans basing for a harsh chemical procedure)! The first ingredient was mineral jelly followed by paraffin wax?? Oh lord!! It’s like they didn’t even try to make a quality product, but claimed it did everything fantastic! To add insult to injury, they called it “moisturizing and conditioning!” I just shook my head, laughed and applied it to my hair.

Look at those ingredients … No aqua in sight!


My basing materials – EVOO and this thick mineral oil concoction


Kim did a wonderful job applying the relaxer. I left it in about 15-20 minutes. Normally I don’t burn, but I did this time!! I toughed it out because I needed it to take! I relax to about 80% curl reduction.

I did a mid-step protein treatment with Joico K-Pak reconstructor. I left it on for about 7 minutes, followed it with a neutralizing shampoo then my Alterna Caviar moisture shampoo. I applied the following for my deep conditioner: Alterna Caviar, Redken All Soft and Ion Moisture. I put on a shower cap under a heated conditioning cap and let it sit for 15 minutes, rinsed in cool, followed with Porosity Control for 4 minutes then cool rinsed!

My leave-ins were: Alterna Photo Defense, Alterna Blow Out Creme, Redken Outshine 01 Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk Styling Hair Styling Serum and Chi 44 Iron Guard.

She started to detangle my hair from the top, which I hate, so I detangled my own hair. She then blow dried and flat ironed and did a nasty curl! She even insisted that my ends didn’t need clipping. It’s probably because the bad ends broke off, but it came out beautifully!! I can’t wait to move back so she can do my hair exclusively!

Here are a few pictures! We went out last night, so I was in a rush so I didn’t take many!!

More to come!

My next relaxer will be Labor Day Weekend. I will be 13 weeks post. 🙂

Hair that came out during relaxing


A look from the back … Ends look good and thick! Chasing MBL!!!



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