Relaxer is in Less Than 6 Hours (and other thoughts!)

Greetings from Baltimore-Washington International airport! I am about to go board in the next 20 minutes, but I wanted to share my thoughts before my relaxer tonight around 7:30pm!

– I am going to be a darling friend and base and clip my hair in 4 parts before I head over Kim’s. This way I can ensure that it’s done to my liking and that it helps her not have to part through all this hair. I will also coat the length of my hair with olive oil and conditioner to protect my ends.

– I am just over my new growth right now and am just ready to relax! Nothing is going as I want it to! My buns look bad, my edges will not have any of this laying down, etc! Heaven help me if and when I decide to transition!!

– There were some sisters who definitely got the HHJ memos in Baltimore!! I saw several sisters with waist length hair and a lot with BSB and longer hair (both natural and relaxed!) There was this one natural gal who had the cutest twists … Wish I could’ve snapped a picture! I wished my hair was on point, but oh well. There were also a lot of buns due to the humidity!

– On the other side of the token, there were many who did not get the memo. I saw a good deal of scraggly weaves (and they probably weren’t protective styling!!), broken and dry hair. Hmmm ….

Well, I’m just ecstatic about my relaxer! I’m ready to see how its grown! I will definitely clip some ends tonight, but they don’t look too bad. I have a few hairs that have grown longer than the rest of the section, so I plan on evening up my hemline.

Stay tuned!! I will post pictures tonight and write a detailed post when I have time!

Until then … !!!!


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