How I Go on Journeys on a HHJ!

Greetings this cold Memorial Day weekend here in Oregon! I guess since we have had such a lovely spring here in the Pacific NW, we had to pay for it sometime, right?

Today I began packing up my stuff for my journey home in a few days. It is pretty much a ritual now … every 3 months, I pack all the stuff I need (or anticipate I will need) into a suitcase and pray that that everything makes it without spilling out. I thought that I would do a quick post on how I pack my items for my trip home.

1. Anticipate what you will need

I do this by making a list of stuff that I will need for relaxer prep, cleansing, conditioning and styling based on what will be done to my hair and how often.

2. Transfer full-size shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins in to handy containers

This is done to ensure that I do not have to travel with full-size containers of my good shampoos and conditioners that may spill out! I would cry if my $32 bottles of product emptied out into the plastic bag (of course I would try to salvage what I could … haha!) I do not worry about being carry-on compliant, as I put everything in my checked luggage.

You can buy these adorable round ones like these from The Container Store! They can be bought at any place that sells travel-sized toiletries for about $1. I have some similar that came from a kit I used last year and they are the best! I prefer these over the ones that stand up on the cap (see picture below). I think it’s easier to clean these out since it has the wider opening.

Love these!


Meh … I don’t prefer these for shampoos and conditioners, but for astringent?? Yes please!

Clear GoToob™

3. Gather all items and take inventory before packing.

I do this to ensure I have everything. It’s not the end of the world if I forget something, but hey, a girl likes to be prepared. What you see here that I have pretty much what I am going to take. I have a few items to throw in after rollersetting this coming Monday.

In the white containers that are shampoo and conditioners. I have my Roux Porosity Control (PC), MegaSilk (MS) and Alterna Caviar shampoo and conditioner (CC and CS). I also brought some Joico K-Pak Reconstructor for my mid-step protein treatment. In the clear tube I have some Redken All-Soft. I have had that stuff in there forever, so I just keep adding to it. It is perfect for co-washing. You also see the macadamia nut healing oil. That is a mix of kukui nut and grapeseed oil that I use for sealing. The other items are pretty self-explanatory!

photo 1 (11) - Copy photo 2 (10) photo 3 (7)

4. Pack items

First thing I do is tape the white containers shut. To prevent me having to search for containers during the relaxer process, I separate the ones I need for cleansing, conditioning and protein in a separate bag. Then I place that smaller bag in the bigger ziploc bag. I roll up me a turban and pack my microfiber towel and zip up the bag!

photo 4 (5)photo 5 (1)


Now I am ready to jetset!!!



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