An Abbreviated Wash Day

Greetings! i just wanted to do a Wash Day post.

From Sunday
Today, I have just been lazy. I pre-pooed while cleaning up and watching TV. I just didn’t feel motivated to get started at 9am today! With that being said, I am doing an air-dry today! I don’t have any major plans this weekend (sans working out!), so I figured I would just air dry and bun.

This is the next to last Wash Day until my relaxer next Friday, so I decided to go heavy on the moisture today (keep in mind that my last Wash Day before my relaxers are reserved for clarifying and protein!). I started off with a pre-poo of my manuka honey and conditioner. The manuka honey is wayyyyyyyyyyy thicker than the regular honey that I use (see photo below), so I thinned it out with a bit of hot water before adding conditioner. I think I added a bit too much conditioner because the consistency was very runny, so I thickened the mixture up with a little of my regular honey. I also heated up my oils so that I could do a hot oil treatment on my scalp. I left that mixture on for about 2 hours while I cooked breakfast, cleaned up and watched TV.

I then washed with the Amla Legends Body Filler Hair Wash (ALBFHW), followed by the Alterna Cavair Moisture. As I look back over my Wash Days, I always seem to start off with a sulfate shampoo, despite me trying to be sulfate-free (a bandwagon move, I am sure). Due to some of the products I use having silicone, I just like to make sure they are removed every week so that they aren’t coating my hair and causing it to dry out. Instead of focusing on being “sulfate-free,” I am just going to use sulfate shampoos that do not leave my hair stripped and ALBFHW is that shampoo. I think I will use it as my first shampoo each week, followed up by my Caviar Shampoos.

My shower leave-in conditioning session consisted of the Ion Extreme Moisture, V-05 Strawberries and Cream and Redken All-Soft. My Redken All-Soft is approaching 2 years old, as I bought the liter on sale when I first moved to Oregon. I think I will begin using that up in my pre-poos and shower conditioning sessions until it is all gone. I like this stuff, but it’s not all that. Also, I think the formula is different, as I have read recent reviews on the product and some people are hating it! I think I may try Abba as an alternate conditioner after the All-Soft is gone.

My deep conditioning session consisted of using Alterna Caviar conditioner with the MegaSilk. The two textures that I have going on need some TLC, so I thought a double-dose of moisture would be helpful! I sat under the dryer for about an hour. I followed it up with my Roux Porosity Control for a minute and a cold shot of water.

The leave-ins I used this time were: Alterna Photo Defense, Alterna Texture, ApHogee Green Tea Reconstructor (for a light dose of protein) and Roux 619. I tied a strip scarf around my head and did an oldie-but-goodie, turn the dryer on and let my hair dry that way! I finished with some 1001 Oils Night Wrap Cream and sealed with Billion Hair Oil. 🙂

Notes, Thoughts and Observations!

1. My hair is more prone to breakage if air-dried. I will monitor this during my M&S sessions. I plan on keeping hair in low or high bun or updo this week, anyhow.

2. It seemed my hair had gotten shorter while I was applying my deep conditioners after shampooing! It’s probably due to the shrinkage of my new growth … I was kind of worried that I had lost 2 inches of hair! :O

Manuka honey


The prepoo mix



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