Aloha from Hawaii!

Greetings from Hawaii! I am having a great time so far! Well, the humidity has been a different story!!! It is dry and humid at the same time it seems … If that makes any sense!!

I have worn my hair down during the day in beautiful curls and wore it up in a M&Sed bun when I went to the beach. Lately, I have mentioned, I have been slacking on my pimping due to my hectic work schedule. Here, if I do, it’s a wrap! It would take much of nothing to dry my hair out and cause it to break! I now understand why my hair just never seemed moisturized here! First and foremost, I didn’t do it correctly. Secondly, the air is so drying. Between the vicious sun and the salt water, it’s amazing that I had any hair at all!!

Last night after I got home from a wonderful evening with Nathan’s family, I decided to refresh my curls by doing mini pin curls. I moisturized with my normal stuff and sealed with kukui nut oil, grapeseed oil and EVOO.

I think I will have to pin curl every night this week, as the air will batter my curls and cross wrapping them will just not cut it.

Well, a hui hou (until we meet again)!!! Today I am going to Ala Moana to my favorite hair store to see if they have any discounted Alterna stuff! I normally bought all my products from them!






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