WHOA!!!!!!! Where did this hair come from?

I told you earlier that I flat ironed my hair and it was a disaster and that the ends just poofed up. I think that it was a combination of many things: my inability to flat iron and not using Alterna Caviar conditioner on my ends are just two things I am thinking about.

I went to my bathroom and decided to put some oil on my hair to straighten it. I do not plan on wearing it out this week since the results turned out so damn poor. I was comparing two sides of my hair (the right side is a bit longer, but I am not cutting it!) and noticed that my hair is damn near MBL! I really have no idea where this came from! Thank you hairy godmother! (hahah!)

I haven’t worn my hair straight this relaxer period, but I have noticed that I have had a lot of new growth … but on the other hand, I have been cutting my hair as well. Well, it all comes out in the wash, right?

I am damn pleased! I was wondering why it took me 4 months to go from BSB to BSL! BSL has really come and gone for me and I didn’t even realize it! I definitely think I will be MBL by December (God’s willing!)!! At this rate, I will be at WL!

photo 2 (8) photo 1 (9)


3 thoughts on “WHOA!!!!!!! Where did this hair come from?

  1. Hey girl, things have been so busy with me that I didn’t even see this blog post until today. Good job on the growth. Your hair looks amazing and you are definitely a hair inspiration to me!

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