Wash Day and Length Check

Has it been two weeks since I posted? Wow! Things have been uber busy at work. I have been on the road this past week and will return to it Wednesday. I have not even had time to get excited about my trip to Hawaii in two weeks because I have so many things on my plate at work. Next Tuesday when my final trip is done, I will then get excited!

Well, nothing new is going on with my hair. For the past two Sundays, I have washed, deep conditioned and roller sat. I have also been slowly snipping off overgrown hairs and scraggly ends, so today, I decided to flat iron and see how I did with regards to cutting (I always have this fear that I will gap it up!)

I started out with my honey and carrot oil pre-poo. I sat under the dryer with it for 40 minutes. The thing I love most about pre-poos is that it helps me remove some shed hair before I start washing, thereby allowing me to monitor how much hair is shedding. I also love the honey for its humectant properties. My hair feels great after having honey in it. I then washed using my Alberto V-05 for its light clarifying ability and then followed up with my Alterna Volume shampoo. I did an Alterna Rx Thermal Oil treatment just to use up what is left followed by a shower conditioning with Ion Extreme Moisture cream. I really love that stuff as an in-shower conditioning treatment and think I will re-purchase it in the future. I decided to give my hair a light shot of protein since I was flat-ironing, so I used some Joico Intense Hydrator as my steam-in treatment. I am not wowed by this stuff, so I don’t think I will be repurchasing (and besides it has lanolin in it … which is an ingredient I try to stay away from). Thank goodness for sample sizes! I followed that up with a final rinse of Roux Porosity Control.

Now for the blow-drying. I used my normal leave-ins for blow-outs and blow-dried in sections starting at the nape and working my way up to the crown. By the time I got to the top part of my hair, I had just had it. I just blew dry the rest of the hair and decided to detangle later. My hair gets so tangly at times! I combed each section and applied White Truffle Elixir and kukui nut oil for a shot of moisture.

Now here comes the flat ironing. I applied some Chi Silk Infusion thermal protectant followed by some Alterna Bamboo Lustrous Shine spray. I detangled carefully before flat ironing and made sure not to do more than 2 passes (if I even needed the second one). I did small sections so that the curls would hold longer. Fast forward 40 minutes and I have some nice flat ironed hair. I decided to comb it and LORD!!!!!!!!!!! My hair just fluffed right on up. It went from sugar to sh!t  in about 3 seconds flat! I was dumbfounded and saddened (a horrible combination, by the way!)! How in the world did that just happen? I carefully constructed my hair and with just one stroke of a comb, all the results fell flat (ha! pun somewhat intended). Why come this doesn’t happen when other people do my hair? Is there something that I am missing? This is why I don’t flat iron my hair. It looks terrible in the end and it is a complete waste of time. /end rant

Well, I put some Alterna Caviar gloss on it to flatten it as much as I could … that helped. I guess it’s a blessing and a curse … one on hand, I have a lot of hair and on the other, it doesn’t lay down right. Oh well … I guess you can’t have it all (take that Sheryl Sandberg!)

A positive note is that *drumroll please* I am BSL! I know I have been straddling the line of BSB and BSL for a while and have been indecisive about when to claim it, but I decided to do a length check and see where I am. It looks BSL to me and therefore will claim it. Note that I am wearing a pink sports bra now because my normal bra is black and my hair doesn’t show up on it now that it’s past the strap. Also, I am sorry that my hair always appears to be jacked up in the length check photos! Nathan finger combs my hair and the ends just never looks good. He combs one side then stops, so it makes my hemline look a hot mess! I promise it doesn’t look that bad. 🙂 When I get my hair relaxed the next time, I will take one when it is freshly done by someone other than me.

UPDATED on 4/14 at 8:45PM – Well, I did it! It took me almost a year to go from APL to about 1.5-2 inches from MBL. little past BSL (which is about 4.5-5 inches). Factor in some trimming and that is about right on target. OK … so MBL … you’re next! I have about 2.5-3 inches to go … so as long as I make it before the end of the year, I am good! I still plan on doing aggressive trims throughout the year if needed.   I have about 1.5 inches until MBL. I think that I can make that by the end of the summer!

My plan until I get a relaxer in about seven weeks is to roller set exclusively. I will have my hair straightened at my relaxer on June 1st.

Here’s to MBL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BSL (and finally Full APL! HA!) Notice how hair is now a U instead of the V I have been sporting.

photo 4 (3)

Other pics (L to R): Me from the front … see? The ends don’t look to bad from the front and me with my hair just blown out.

photo (2) photo 3 (5)

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