Wash Day!

I meant to post this on Sunday …. I did not … and now it is Thursday evening … oh well. 😉



Ugh! I have been terrible about my hair the past week or so! I have just not had the desire to deal with it. There is sooooooooo much going on. Spring is really busy for my job. We have been traveling the past two weeks and I have another trip beginning tomorrow. I do not even unpack my small suitcase! I just keep it ready for the next trip! I used to envy people who were able to travel a lot for their job … I do not hold such an emotion any longer! It is very tiring. I have not even had a moment to really plan for our Hawaii trip which is in a week (gasp!) I am literally just taking it day-by-day, and so my hair has become my schedule’s latest casualty.

This past week while on the road in Bend, OR, I noticed several snapping pieces of hair. I immediately opined that they are from me using the Joico Intense Hydrator as my deep conditioner last week instead of my Alterna. Usually I would follow up with an Alterna conditioning session, but I chose not to at the peril of my hair. To add insult to injury, you know I flat ironed my hair and had to seal this week with the silicone-laden Macadamia Natural Oil Treatment since it is in the helpful travel size. I am about to pour that mess out into my hot oil treatment bottle (which serves as a final resting place for oils I did not like on my hair, but I could use on my scalp) and put in my kukui nut oil or grapeseed oil.

Needless to say, this Wash Day is designated to be moisture-rich. I did not start off with a pre-poo, since I did not want to manipulate my hair more than it needed to be with it being so dry and prone to breaking. I started off with a clarifying wash to get the silicones out of my hair then followed up with my Alterna Caviar Moisture shampoo. I shower-conditioned with Ion Extreme Moisture and Redken All-Soft. When I rinsed my hair, it felt like Angel Tears. It was soooooooooooo smooth and soft!! I deep conditioned for about an hour with Alterna Caviar and kukui nut oil. Since I am in just a blah mood and am not up for roller setting, I just did some two-strand twists with a flexi-rod at the end using my normal leave-ins. I don’t really care how it turns out, as I plan on protective styling my hair 100% this week, especially since I will be ramping up the exercise routines to try to shed some pounds before Hawaii!!!

My next Wash Day will be next Sunday before our Hawaii trip. I definitely plan on roller setting next week!

WHOA!!!!!!! Where did this hair come from?

I told you earlier that I flat ironed my hair and it was a disaster and that the ends just poofed up. I think that it was a combination of many things: my inability to flat iron and not using Alterna Caviar conditioner on my ends are just two things I am thinking about.

I went to my bathroom and decided to put some oil on my hair to straighten it. I do not plan on wearing it out this week since the results turned out so damn poor. I was comparing two sides of my hair (the right side is a bit longer, but I am not cutting it!) and noticed that my hair is damn near MBL! I really have no idea where this came from! Thank you hairy godmother! (hahah!)

I haven’t worn my hair straight this relaxer period, but I have noticed that I have had a lot of new growth … but on the other hand, I have been cutting my hair as well. Well, it all comes out in the wash, right?

I am damn pleased! I was wondering why it took me 4 months to go from BSB to BSL! BSL has really come and gone for me and I didn’t even realize it! I definitely think I will be MBL by December (God’s willing!)!! At this rate, I will be at WL!

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