Wash Day and Random Hair Thoughts (and I claim BSL!)

Yesterday I washed my hair. I do not do posts on Wash Days every week, as I pretty much do the same thing, sans using a different conditioner or so. I pretty much did what I did last week, but added some KeraPro to my deep conditioning routine.

I wanted to use this post to discuss some of my hair thoughts and observations. Here goes (in no particular order):

1. My ends do not break nearly as much now that I am rollersetting – I made this observation in the summer, but it still did not stop me from air drying my hair majority of my last relaxer stretch. Now when I M&S my hair, there are very few ends that break (if any), even in the worst quadrant of my hair. I must say that the lack of breaking ends is totally worth me spending an extra 2.5 hours each week rolling and setting my hair.

2. The honey and kukui nut pre-poo for lightening my hair – I noticed today that my hair looks a bit lighter (in the light). There is some reddish brown coloring going on. I continue to utilize this pre-poo each week, as I also notice that my hair is much silkier.

3. Now that I am using the big rollers, I have no desire to flat iron – The 2 1/2 rollers are doing well on my hair. I still use the smaller ones as well, but for the most part, black and gray rollers are my go-tos. I also decided that my next relaxer in Hawaii, I will not get my hair flat ironed. I remembered that while Jeanne got my hair good and straight, she used two types of heating tools to do it: a marcel oven curling iron to smooth and a flat iron to shape. She even wore finger tip mitts to protect her fingers from the amount of heat! Nope … I can’t have all that heat on my hair. I will just be antsy the entire time it’s getting done. I will just take my 2 1/2 inch rollers (just in case she doesn’t have any) and get some big curls.

4. When can I claim BSL? – The longest layers of my hair are already there. Actually, the longest lengths are about 1.5-2 inches from MBL. I was reading on Long Hair Care Forum that one can claim BSL when the hair hits in … so dammit. I am claiming it!!!!!! I will post pics tomorrow!




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