I am going-going back-back- to Hawaii-Hawaii (back-back) *in my Biggie’s “Back to Cali” voice.

We bought our tickets yesterday and I am stoked. We have not been back to Hawaii since we moved to Oregon in August 2011! I am excited for a week of sun, fun, friends, drinking and food! Nathan will be going back for two weeks between his final exams and the beginning of summer school.

I already booked my appointment for Jeanne Scott (for those who need a good black hair stylist in Hawaii … call 808.295.1607!) She will be doing my relaxer on Saturday, May 4th. I will only be 10 weeks post at the time, but I am sure I will have a good amount of new growth (I normally wait at least 11 or 12). She does such a great job, so I had to book her so that my hair would get the royal relaxer treatment! I will definitely try to maximize my growth in these next 8 weeks!

Well, stay tuned for a Wash Day post this weekend!


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