BSL Bound: Game Plan This Relaxer Cycle

Greetings guys. It is early in the AM and this is when I do my best thinking! I thought that I would document a few of my goals for this relaxer cycle, set to end in May or early June (depends on my travel schedule)! Even though the longest parts of my hair are already past BSL, I still consider myself to be “BSL-bound,” just an FYI. šŸ˜‰

  • Roller set more! – The vast majority of my last relaxer cycle was dedicatedĀ to air drying, but I noticed that my hair seems to do better when it is dried by either rolling setting or flat ironing. I bought some additional 2 1/2 inch rollers yesterday so that I can use them all over my head. Drying time will definitely be reduced with these big boys!
  • Deep condition (using steam method) with each wash day – I already do this for the most part, but the longer my hair gets, the older these ends are and they will definitely need to be shown some love! I would like to start incorporating oils into my DC routine.
  • Get a trim! – This is probably going to happen mid-relaxer cycle in late March or early April. I will probably do a blow dry and flat iron to see the length, then trim about half an inch. If I can retain just 1 inch of length this relaxer cycle, I will be very happy, as that would definitely have me making my goal of BSL by May.
  • Continue what I am doing, tweak as necessary – I must say, I am quite pleased with the results from my hard work the past 14 months. My hair is longer than it has been in my entire adult life and I know that MBL and waist length are on the horizon! I sometimes ponder if I will continue to grow past waist length, but probably not, as I do not see the need to do so! I think that it will be too long and much to hard for me to handle. An inch past waist length (if I am so lucky to make it) will probably be as far as I go.

Well there you have it. At this point in my HHJ, I almost feel like I am on auto-pilot. For the mostĀ part, I feel that I am doing the right things and that my hair is flourishing because of it (if I could just get the ends under control ….)Ā Like I mentioned in my post, this is the first time in my HHJ that I felt that my hair was really LONG! At home, I did encounter a silly comment or two (one guy was like “you must be mixed because you have some pretty hair,” and while I was thankful for the comment, I told him anyone can have it if they want it!) Also, when I did my glorious Kate Middleton-esque roller set, my friend was like, “the people will think that it’s weave anyway … ” HAHAHA! But I did see a sister in the bar with some pretty MBL colored hair and it definitely looked like it was hers!

Today is Wash Day. Stay tuned!

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