Relaxer Day

Greetings! I wanted to post a relaxer update.

Friday was relaxer day. I have learned my lesson … Do not let hair air dry before relaxing. I did this in November and obviously the pain of having my hair torn through didn’t register … this time, it did! Kim told me not to ever come back when my hair is dreaded together! Hahahaha!!

I applied cheapie conditioner and the macadamia nut oil to the length of my hair (sans the new growth). Kim based me (not as good as I liked, so I will be doing it next time) and applied the relaxer. I left it on for about 15 minutes and then rinsed.

I followed up with the KeraPro Reconstructor protein treatment. I left that on for 5 minutes and then had Kim do the neutralizing shampoo, followed by some Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo. I did a deep conditioner of MegaSilk and Ion Extreme Moisture. I sat under the conditioning cap for about 15 minutes.

I was going to roll my hair, but since I had a shindig to go to and time was drawing really short, I just decided to get it flat ironed. I applied my normal leave-ins and the macadamia nut oil (since it had the silicones) and let her do her thing!

She said I needed to trim the ends (which I did … the ends were a little weathered), but I didn’t need to take off too much.

The end result was fabulous! I am oh so close to BSL. The longest parts of my hair are already there! I will probably be ready to claim it soon!! :))



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