Length Check for February and GRAZING BSL!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I just wanted to quickly share my official length check for February since my hair is flat ironed and I do not plan on having it flat ironed when it is relaxed next week. I am going to get me a roller set since I don’t want to use direct heat twice in the span of two weeks. Also, I am ready for some glorious curls! More relaxer babble to come.

Well … it is definitely official. The longest part of my hair is past the bra strap line!! I am officially “GRAZING BSL!” I am pretty damn happy, if I must say so myself. I didn’t think I would make it any time soon .. but do you know why? Because the bra was all the way at my lower back. I looked yesterday and thought “why is the bra damn near at my waist?” I adjusted it so that it fit properly and my hair was right there at the top of the bra strap line! You cannot see where the hair ends to well since my hair is black and so is the bra, so I made some markings. The red is where my hair ends. Also, it is not a dramatic difference between the longest layer and the subsequent layers, so I think that if I retain an inch in the next relaxer cycle, most of the lower layers will be there in by my next relaxer!

My hair has also been worn up in a bun all week, so it does not have the lovely shape that it had on Sunday. Oh well … you get the picture, right? (Literally!)  The ends have been doing great this week. I hardly lost any today (like 2) and most of the week it has been less than 6 per day. I also plan on discussing my new M&S regimen this weekend.


The hard work is paying off!

photo 3 (1)


photo 1 (2)

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