A Trim, Protein Overload and A Change in Plans

Sigh. There are days when I love my hair and there are days when I hate it and want to cut it all off … yesterday was one of those hate-filled days.

I began the morning by M&Sing my hair in 6 sections. The right side had ends that were just breaking off. I immediately figured I had overloaded it with protein. I co-washed my hair on Thursday night and decided to apply Redken Anti-Snap to the back part of my right side, since I felt that it needed another protein boost (I had just used ApHogee Green Tea Keratin Reconstructor on it Sunday night and had been having good results throughout the week.) Well, I guess it didn’t because the ends just snapped off. I felt completely deflated!

I then decided to dust. I was going to wait until my relaxer, but I felt that it could use an aesthetic trim, so I dusted my whole head. I didn’t need to take too much off, so it was more like trimming of ends that were a bit weathered and some hairs that had grown longer than the majority of the section.

After that, I decided to assess the state of my hair straight and decided to blow dry and straighten it. I was going to wait until my relaxer, but I wanted to make sure that I had cut my hair even, so I thought what the heck? I washed my hair as normal but also clarified the section that had the protein on it. I followed up with a deep conditioner of MegaSilk and glycerin for 40 minutes. I did a final rinse with Roux to seal the cuticle. I applied my normal leave-ins and blow dried my hair on low with the pick attachment. After each section was dry, I applied my normal moisturizer and a bit of grapeseed oil to seal it in. I flat ironed each section on 310 (the minimum allowed on my flat iron). I also made sure to apply my CHI heat protectant to each section!

Meh … the results were OK! I am not a good flat ironer. My hair was a bit better this time than the last time I attempted to flat iron my whole head (back in May 2012), but it is never as sleek as when someone else does it! My V in the back of my hair is also a bit uneven (hahahah!) I am not too worried about it now. I will let it grow out and probably get it evened up sometime this summer.

My hair is definitely getting close to that bra strap line! I think I will be there by May (barring I don’t have a setback)! Sometimes I feel that my hair is growing so damn slow!!!!!

Well, I get my relaxer in less than 2 weeks! I will be excited to see what it looks like when it is done! Who knows, maybe I can get back to scraggly end BSL again!

Blow Dried Hair Photos

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)



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