My Hair is Layed Like …

Yes GAWD, hunty! I was directed to Funky Dineva’s YouTube channel and have not been the same since! My vernacular now includes her memorable phrases such as:

  • “My hair is layed like … “
  • “Quiet as its kept …”
  • “Yes GAWD, hunty!”
  • “What’s the Tea?”
  • “Catch these Teas”
  • This person is giving me ______ teas
  • I told her to give me a NAASTY piece of ____ hair!

I also have become more Funky Dineva in my own life! It’s like watching her gave me some sort of weird confidence! Who would have thought!!

Please take a look at his/her (it’s a dude dressed up as a woman) website! Go to for videos, gossip and his blog! I promise it will be a great time!

So … what is my hair layed like today?

My hair is layed like boring old bun! Less than 3 weeks until my relaxer! Yesssssssss, hunty!


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