Wash Day and I am Scraggly End BSL!

Greetings folks! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today was my Wash Day. It was most uneventful! I pre-pooed with some hot oil to the scalp and some Alberto V-05 on the length, paying close attention to any breakage among the ends. There was very few ends, so I was extremely pleased. I also took the chance of smoothing my hair down with the conditioner to do a length check. My hair has been growing like mad the last few weeks, as my new growth measures almost 2 inches in the front (and closer to the normal growth rate in the back). I stretched my left back section down (as you know I touch my right side on when absolutely necessary or risk every piece of that section ending up in my hand!) and whatcha know … a few scraggly strands hit my bra strap line, although I am sure that the ends promptly broke off as soon as I stopped stretching it. LOL! I had my Mckayla Maroney I-am-not-impressed face! I know that I am not BSL, but I am sure once I relax, there will be about 10 hairs there. Now I know some people would claim that, but nawl … I am not going to do that!

I washed my hair with Alberto V-05 Strawberries and Cream shampoo as a light clarifying poo. I followed up with my Alterna Caviar shampoo and then put in my Alterna Rx Thermal Oil for 5 minutes. I then put in my Alterna conditioner in with my turban and let it steam in while I showered. I decided to deep condition with the Ion Extreme Moisture and EVOO instead of my MegaSilk just to see how my hair reacted. I sat under the dryer for 45 minutes reading the most hilarious website ever (I do not know how I stumbled across this website, but I am glad I did because it is the pure bizness! http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com/). I did a final rinse with Roux.

Now that I am about 11 weeks post, my hair is not detangling as easy as I would like. I had to detangle in smaller sections just to keep my sanity! I used my Alterna Photo Defense (concentrating heavily on the ends), Roux 619 and Alterna Texture as my leave-ins. I sealed my hair with a combination of kukui nut oil and aloe vera juice to provide a good seal. Instead of sitting under the dryer, I sat in front of my beloved heater as I feel the results are better when I did so.

Well ta ta for now!

Here is my air dried hair and I took a picture of one perfectly formed curl! Shoooo … makes me think I am natural!!! LOL!



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