Hair Update: Growing out my hair in the front

Greetings! I wanted to do a length-check update for my hair in the front! It is still in chin length territory, but it definitely has grown! Unfortunately, this part of my hair is the first place I cut when I do my dusting since I can see it the best, so yeah, it definitely is taking a lot longer for me to see results compared to the back of my hair.

I have only dusted once this relaxer cycle and I don’t plan on doing it before my relaxer. This part of my hair is doing well and does not appear to have any dry ends at the moment, so even if I have to do an unexpected dusting, I will just ignore this part! My goal for this part of my hair is to be shoulder length by the end of the year (while the front part of my hair is BSL+??). I really hate the fact that I had a cut with my hair with the front part so short, but there is nothing I can do about it now but let it grow.

So here a look at my “bangs” progression from August 2011 to now!

August 2011 – Eye length and eating watermelon (yum!)

April 2012 – At my top lip


June 2012 – Almost chin length

September 2012 – About an inch past chin length!

January 2013 – Over 2 inches past chin length

photo (1)


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