A Moisture-Rich Co-Wash Day

Well, this idea came to me about an hour ago. I thought “hmm … I should do a moisture-rich co-wash day” and so I did. Normally I like to plan for my Wash Days, as it eliminates me having to think up what I am going to do on the spot … but I was like “what the heck … lego!” The main purpose of my Co-Wash Day was to infuse maximum moisture into my hair. This past Tuesday, I did my KeraPro Restorative Treatment, so I think my hair has enough protein in it for a while. I wanted to focus this day on PURE MOISTURE!

My hair is like: “Come hither, friendly raindrop, and rest on my ends!”

I co-washed with my Alberto V-05 Strawberries and Cream (and yes, I know it says “protein” on the bottle, but I think this stuff is more moisturizing than protein-heavy). I followed that by my Alterna Winter Rx Thermal Oil treatment for about 5 minutes. I rinsed it out then applied Alterna Caviar Moisture from root to tip, leaving it on for about a minute, then rinsed it out. I used the Ion Extreme Moisture Cream as my shower deep conditioner. I applied it, tied my hair up with a turban and did my showering thing, then rinsed. After I was finished with the shower portion, I applied my Silk Elements MegaSilk conditioner and some vegetable glycerin, focusing heavily on my ends. I tied my hair up with the wet turban, applied a shower cap and plunked myself under my hooded dryer for about 90 minutes (which has been missing on the past few Wash Days).

Afterwards, I cool rinsed the deep conditioner and followed it up with Roux Porosity Control for 90 seconds, then final rinsed on cool. I applied  these leave-ins: Alterna Caviar Photo Defense, Roux 619 spray (now mixed with a bit of rose water, at the lovely suggestion of a reader!), and Alterna Caviar Texture Cream. I then sealed with Vitamin E oil. I wanted to see what my hair would look like when I sat under the dryer and not in front of the heater … so I sat under the dryer for 30 minutes until my hair was dry. After it was dry, I applied my Alterna Caviar White Truffle Elixir and did a final seal with my kukui nut oil. Here are the results …

photo 1 (1)                      photo 2 (2)

I really like it! I think that the results are wonderful! My hair feels uber moisturized! I don’t really manipulate my hair while it is drying (some girls say to straighten it every 20-30 minutes with your hands so that it dries straighter), so it dries in this wavy pattern. I don’t mind the wavy pattern, as gives my fine hair some volume. I will definitely be doing this again in the near future!

My next Wash Day will probably be Monday (the anniversary of my first failed roller set!). I plan on pre-pooing, washing, deep conditioning and sitting under the dryer to let my hair dry.

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