How I moisturize and seal my air-dried hair

Greetings! As you may know, I am rocking air dried hair at the moment. What that means for me is that I am able to adopt a new M&S routine to increase moisture retention in my hair.

Here’s what I do!

1. Part hair in quadrants. I M&S my hair in quadrants 90% of the time.


2. On each part, spray about 3 or 4 pumps of refreshing spritz (distilled water, rose water, hint of vegetable glycerin and a few drops of peppermint oil), focusing most on the ends and demarcation line. Rub through length of hair.


3. Spray 2 pumps of Alterna Caviar White Truffle Elixir. Rub through length of hair.


4. Seal with kukui nut oil (it’s a heavier oil, so when my hair is air-dried, I can get away with using it!)

5. Repeat for each remaining quadrant.

6. Let hair air dry.

The point of this is not to get hair soaking wet, but to let hair get damp and seal the water in with the heavy oil. I must say, I notice less broken ends now that I am doing this routine! My hair definitely feels like it holds in more moisture.



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