Relaxer Date Set, New Growth and [Direct] Heat Break Continues

Greetings! I have been sick the past few days, so pardon me if my post makes little sense. I just came back to work after 2 days of little sleep and “The First 48” Marathons (I must say, I enjoyed that part!)

Well, I am 95% sure that I will be going home in February. I have a work trip to Atlanta, so I will just piggyback a quick trip to NC on it. With that said, I will get a relaxer in about 5 weeks on February 21st, when I am 14 weeks post. I am definitely not a fan of long relaxer stretches (the longest I did was 16 weeks early last year), so I will just have to make it work! I will be using the Mizani Butter Blends, which I will have shipped to my mom early February!

I checked my new growth yesterday and I have a decent amount overall. It is well over an inch in most places and in some parts in the front, I have measured 1.5 inches. I will take few pictures and post them!

The heat break is still in full effect! It has been almost 4 weeks since I have used direct heat on my hair (the blow dry and flat iron session). I do not foresee me using heat until the wash day before my relaxer. I plan on roller setting that week so that the new growth is more apparent that me just having wavy air-dried hair. It also will make it easier for my hair to be parted instead of appearing that it is dreaded together!

I am looking forward to my relaxer day … even though I am pretty sure I won’t be BSL … I feel like I will be pretty close to grazing it!

Well, ta ta for now!




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