Wash Day and a Proclamation: I am chasing BSL!

I washed my hair today using Alberto V-05 (I like to use this stuff as a light clarifying shampoo) and my Alterna Life shampoo. I conditioned with Ion Extreme Moisture Cream (review to come) and did a final rinse with Roux Porosity Control. I did not deep condition this go-round, but I plan on doing it this weekend. The past few weeks have been kinda crazy with Christmas and New Years’ holidays, so I am trying to get my hair back on schedule (uh, I never wash my hair on a Tuesday!)

I let my hair air dry and helped it along by sitting in front of the heater talking to my friend who convinced me to watch “The Best Funeral Ever” on TLC! Lord … that’s another post! I do not think sitting in front of the heater will do me any harm. I liken it to sitting under the hooded dryer, as it is an indirect form of heat. I do not let it blast on my hair, so I think I am safe!

I sealed with kukui nut oil (I am still liking this stuff … no harm done so far!) and let my hair finish air drying by writing blog posts! For poops and giggles (hehehe!), I decided to stretch my hair to see how close I have to go until I get to BSL and I was surprised! I am definitely closing in on BSL! Looks like I have just under an inch (I say about .8-.9 inch) until I am there. I do not think that I will make it in time for my relaxer next month, but that is OK, as long as I am there by my May relaxer, I am just fine! I am also doing frequent dustings. At this point in my journey, I am definitely focusing more on my ends, as I want them to be as healthy as possible! The only problems related to my ends that I have suffered from is them being the dry, damaged ones left over from my Pre-HHJ days that tend to break and are porous. I do a pretty good job dusting them about every other month or as needed. I do not foresee a professional trim anywhere in my near future. I think I do a pretty good job maintaining my own ends. Lord knows all I need to do is let someone trim my hair and they remove 2 inches without my prior approval … that will not be a good day for either of us! Hahahah!

This picture is from December 2012 – about an inch away

December BSB

These pictures are from today … as you can see, I am a tad bit closer to the bra strap line!!

photo 2 (1) photo 3 photo 4

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