Shedding Update!

I posted last month about how my hair had excessive shedding. It was pretty bad, in my opinion. Not only did I shed throughout the week even with my low manipulation regimen, I felt like I shed an entire kitten on 2 Wash Days in December. I did a black tea rinse about three weeks ago, but I cannot say for certainty that is what alleviated my shedding. I was reading the Science of Black Hair (I go back through the book every so often to refresh my knowledge or use it as a reference) a few weeks ago and the author stated how hair goes through more-than-normal shedding phases due to stress, hormones, etc. and I guess I was going through one of mine! I had about three of them last year in spring, late fall and early winter. Maybe mine is seasonal?

Now my shedding has returned to normal. When I M&S my hair in the evening, I lose maybe 10 hairs and on Wash Days, it’s the normal amount that I lose each week.

OK … isn’t this cartoon hilarious!


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