Desperately Seeking BSL!

I did my second air drying session of the year on Friday night. I remembered just how much I loved air drying by how easy it is to implement a co-wash midweek to give hair some refreshment! I co-washed with Redken All Soft, Alberto V-05 and Alterna Caviar then followed up with my normal leave-ins. I sealed with kukui nut oil (which my hair is continuing to love at this moment) and tied my front down with a scarf to air dry.

I must admit, I really like air drying! I have not really done it since this past summer’s heat break, so I have forgotten its ease and benefits! I like that when I feel that my hair could use a bit of moisture (in addition to my daily moisturizer), I can spray on some water without worrying about messing up my style. For the most part, I have worn my hair in high buns when my hair is air-dried. I may be adventurous next Wash Day and wear it down! I can see my co-workers’ expression now!

One thing that I have noticed about my regimen that when my hair is air-dried, I am less likely to put my scarf on. Even though I sleep on a satin pillowcase, I need to do better about covering my hair at night.

I was planning on roller setting my hair this week when Nathan’s dad got into town, but I have decided against it. I have several fitness classes that I am attending this week, so air drying will be the go-to style this week! I think that I may go on a heat break until my next relaxer in four to five weeks. Hopefully the heat break will allow my hair (especially my ends) to stay healthy and help me retain length. I am desperately seeking BSL (and I mean more than a few strands) by my May relaxer. If I could retain 4 good healthy inches this year, I will be very pleased, as that will put me at my goal of MBL by the end of the year.

Well, have a great week everyone! 🙂

Here is my last flat iron of the year … as you can see, longest lengths are just past the 8 (BSB length on the shirt). 9/10 constitutes BSL (depending on the bra that I am wearing)! Ugh! I really hate the job that Joico flat iron did. It doesn’t look sleek AT all!

photo (2)

A random air-dried hair shot! Hair is just pinned up with one bobby pin in preparation for bed.


An air-dried bun. Hair is pulled into a high ponytail then secured into a bun with duckbill clip.



6 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking BSL!

  1. Hi Carolyn! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I think that is why texlaxing did not work for me! It left my already thick hair hard to manage!

    Your hair is growing wonderfully! It looks like you have retained 2 inches since August!! Are you APL yet?

  2. And Carolyn … on a personal note … how do you like living in Trinidad and Tabago? Isn’t this your home country? I used to live in Hawaii and there are times (like winter here in the US) when I miss living in the tropics!! I am so jealous of you!!!

    • Love Trinidad. I really do love my island in the sun. I went to college in PA, lots of snow and bitterly cold. It wasn’t for me. I returned home when I graduated. I studied International Relations and found it easier to find employment back home rather than in the US.

    • Hi there! I was going to send you an email and see how you were doing! Hope your holidays were well! 🙂

      You will be here in no time!!! I see you started a blog! I will follow you! Can’t wait to see your progress!!

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