Greetings from Bend, OR!!

I am on a work trip in Bend, OR. I am helping to conduct a training so here I am!!

It is so much snow here! It’s absolutely beautiful! Driving over Mount Hood was kind of scary. You see, I do not drive in the snow if I can help it and I darn sure don’t drive over mountains in the snow. Lord, it was beautiful though!! I included some pictures.

But while the scenery is gorgeous, my hair is not. You see, Bend is in the high desert. While there is snow on the ground, it is still dry. I did my winter deep conditioning treatment, but that has done little good for me here. When I got in from training, my hair was parched. I quickly put on some moisturizer and oil then put it in a ponytail, did a single two-strand twist and then pinned it around my ponytail. I will M&S twice a day while I am here. So much for me wearing it down!!

P.S. This is my last post as a 28 year old. My birthday is tomorrow! Praise Jesus for another year!!

Me near Mount Hood


Pretty scenery


Twisted bun (see the brown streak in my hair in the last two photos? I am going to call it my “skunk streak!”)






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