Wash Day: Hair Throws a Tantrum and Excessive Shedding

Today was Wash Day. I have not blogged about one in a while, but since they are pretty much the same, I feel that if you have read about one of my Wash Days you have read about them all! 🙂 Today’s Wash Day was like dealing with a two-year old child throwing a tantrum. My hair did not want to cooperate with anything I did. I am exhausted as I sit under the dryer writing this!

I started off with a 45 minute prepoo of Proclaim Aloe Vera hot oil on the scalp and length of hair. I also added vegetable glycerin to my hair, which has been MIA in my regimen as of late. This was a favorite prepoo ingredient this past winter due to its humectant properties and since I could definitely stand to draw a little moisture from the air into my hair, I thought it was time to revive it!

I washed with Alterna Life Solutions (which is running out) and Alterna Caviar, followed up my Alterna Winter Rx Thermal Oil. I am still not feeling the “slight warmth” this product is supposed to put off, but oh well! I rinsed it out and followed up with my dynamic duo conditioning squad (hhaha!): Alterna Caviar and Redken All-Soft. These two products have been in my line-up long before I knew what a HHJ was! I always use the Caviar, but sometimes when I want a extra boost of conditioner, I will use the All-Soft. I left it on for about 9 minutes and then rinsed with cold water.

I deep conditioned with Silk Elements MegaSilk. I tried to detangle, thinking that the product would make it easier, but my hair did not want to cooperate. I could barely get the comb through. I was a bit angry, so I thought I better leave the hair alone before I ripped it out. I was like “screw it” and slapped the product on, threw on a towel and shower  cap and sat under the dryer for about an hour. I rinsed it out with cold water, followed by Roux for a minute, then a final cold rinse.

I put on my Caviar Photo Defense and started to detangle. It was going a lot better than it was earlier. I applied my other leave-ins without incident, but when it was time to roll my hair, I couldn’t part my hair for anything. My hair just wouldn’t part! By this point, I am really mad. I do not know what is up with my hair today. I finally get it parted and start to roll. Everything is fine until I get the comb rolled into my hair. I mean, the hair was wrapped around the comb. I have no idea how that happened, but at this point, I gently unrolled it, took a breath and finished rolling my hair. I just did not have the strength nor the desire to keep being angry at my hair today!

But adding insult to injury, my hair is shedding … A LOT (well, to me, anyways!) I feel like it has gotten thinner! I normally shed a few hairs during the week and a good deal during my Wash Day, but this week, I shed while M&Sing and a lot today. I will be doing my garlic rinse next week! I have been slacking on my water and veggie intake. I have also been drinking too much soda!! Well, here’s to health!!

After taking rollers down

There is still some shedding, as I lost some hairs when I was taking my rollers down and applying the Vitamin E oil. Oh well … I felt like I was swimming in hair today. There was hair (still attached to my head) falling in my face, fallen hair on my arms and shoulders. I just could not wait to be done with Wash Day today. I have enough of my hair today! Now it is crosswrapped and placed under my satin cap, where it shall stay until tomorrow morning.

I did manage to take a few pictures. Despite me losing hair, I still have a lot of hair. Sometimes I wonder why my hair doesn’t fall like I want it to and why it’s always so big. It is because there is a lot of it. That’s a blessing, I suppose.

I will probably be wearing it up for the most part this week. I am going to Bend tomorrow and it is quite dry there, since its in the desert. It will also be snowing there, so there will be no need for stuntin’! Also, Nathan said that they are calling for 50 mph winds here! HA! My hair will be pinned up tight if it still like this when I return on Wednesday!

P.S. Yes, I know I am dressed for the Christmas season … thank you! 😉 Also, sorry it’s not close up, but Nathan is not the best photographer. He just points and shoots without regard for whether the camera is actually focused. I definitely need a tripod! 🙂

photo 2 (3)

Here is what my hair will look like if it doesn’t stop shedding! Awww! That sad little tree!


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