I normally do not post about fashion, despite me being a pretty good dresser (I think!) I am not into high fashion, more like affordable luxuries and casual chicness.

Well, I have to gush about my latest fashion obsession … the Bobeau Asymmetrical Cardigan available exclusively at Nordstrom stores and Nordstom.com. My co-worker and friend Lindsay had one on and I loved it. I loved how it hung and how it was different from the normal “blah” cardigans I owned. I never asked her where she got it, because I hate people biting my style, so why should I bite someone elses? (Weird, I know). Anyhoo, I work near a mall so I walked into Nordstrom and there they were! I asked Lindsay’s permission to buy one and that set off a chain reaction in our suite. We all rushed over to buy them! They are so damn comfortable until it’s not funny! I called it a “womb.”

My first one was a seafoam green color. I wore it numerous times in NC and got several compliments. I traveled in it when I was sick. I wear it on the weekends with leggings. I wear it to work. I have even worn it to bed. The uses are endless. I told one lady at work about how one online reviewer uses it as a breastfeeding cover so she went and bought her friend one who then bought her sister one! Ah Nordstrom, I need commission!

So today, I went a bought the pink rose color that was on my wishlist and then I will buy the navy peacoat when it is available. I would buy them all, but that would be a bit excessive! They are flattering on any figure … go get yourself one! You won’t be sorry! (Well, you might be because you may become hooked and then spend $250 on the same item, only in 7 different colors … I take no responsibility for that!)

This model is sooooooo cute! She looks like a Japanese doll! I love the orange eyeshadow on her!



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