So close, so very, very close to BSB!

So I came home and did the best straightening job that I could to get a measurement. I put on the length check shirt which has been absent in the length checks of late, as I have been using body part placement (shoulder blades anyone?) instead. And honestly, I feel the shirt has not been reflecting any progress (HAHAHAHAH!) I don’t know, I just feel like I have been at the 6 and 7 for so long with the 8 and 9 seeming lightyears away … well now I am at the 8 on my shirt, but I have just a few hairs passing the shoulder blades! Once I get it flat ironed in January, I am sure that I will be there!

Both pictures indicate that I am about an inch away from BSL. Woo-hoo! Making some progress, y’all (uh huh, oh yeah *doing bankhead bounce*).

December BSB

December BSB1

Since my hair grows in a U or V (I am not sure which shape it is in now), I use the longest points as my guidepoints. The bra in this picture is kind of low … I don’t know why I used this one for measurement purposes, but oh well!

I am about:

1-1.5 inch from BSL (anticipate to reach in March 2013)

4 inches from MBL (anticipate to reach in September 2013)

6-6.5 inches from WL (anticipate to reach in March 2014)

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