Roller Set Hair (Now vs. January 2012)

Sigh. I really need to buy a camera. Even though I have a perfectly good camera on my iPhone 5, I need a tripod where I can take photos of myself without the horrible “man in the mirror” shot. I hate those … but oh well, what are you going to do?

I wanted to share my hair this morning. I realize I have not been taking a lot of pictures of my hair lately, which is the point of the blog, right?

I think I will straighten a piece of it this weekend and take a length check photo. I am about positive I am BSB (or just at it – I have been flirting with that line for months now!). It is funny about growth during my 3 month relaxer periods: the first month, I get hardly no new growth at all; the second month an inch will magically appear and then the third month it is almost unbearable. I have been tracking my growth measurements and my hair grows just slightly above .5 inches a month (maybe .55-.6 inches), but other than the first month on my journey, it never grows more than that. In a three month relaxer period, I do not have 2 inches of new growth (awww man!!)

Here is my roller set hair in January … as you can see, it just at my shoulders.


… and here it is now! Progress is definitely being made!!!



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