Mini Product Haul

I received a coupon for $10 off $20 at Sally’s for my birthday. Well, that coupon was just in time because I needed a few items. First off, the deep conditioner that I bought back in early March is almost gone. I have been using Alterna 10 consistently, but I wanted to try the Silk Elements MegaSilk treatment that I used back in the Spring. A 16 oz jar was $6.99 vs. $30 for 5 oz of Alterna, so if I like it, then I have saved myself a great deal of money!

I also needed a new satin pillowcase. The one I bought way back in the early days of the journey has had it. I am going to keep it as back up for when I travel, but it is time to retire it out of daily use!

To make the total $20, I needed a few more items. I got 3 Proclaim aloe hot oil treatments (you can never go wrong with hot oils) and a packet of Bioterra Reconstructing Conditioner.

A larger product haul will ensue soon. In the next two months, it will be time for me to re-up on my Alterna shampoo and conditioner and Alterna leave-ins. Those are the pricey products! Lol!!



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