DANGER!!! Everyday items that can hinder healthy hair journeys!!

Ten months into my journey, I have identified my fair share of healthy hair journey hazards. From bobby pins that lose their tip to jagged nails, everyday items can become enemies with your strands. Here’s the ones I have found:

1. Jagged nails – At first I was oblivious to the shredding of my hair caused by uneven, chipped or broken nails. I eventually paid attention to these broken strands and started to keep a nail file near me at all times! Making sure nails are even and free of jags is essential!

2. Sunglasses – I am a designer sunglass junkie. I make no apologies about that!! However, there have been times where there would be small pieces of hair in my glasses, but I was like “whatever!” It was not until I put 2+2 together (by that I mean the shortest parts of my hair is where the shades rest on the top of my head) that I began to pay close attention to how I take the shades off my face and how I take them off my head. I am trying to get to the point where I do not put them on my head at all, but that’s a work in progress!

3. Bobby pins – There is nothing quite as painful to the scalp that a bobby pin with a missing “ball” being unknowing jammed into your head. Sometimes bobby pins lose that protective covering and leave the sharp metal tip exposed. This can snag hair and hurt scalps. Throw these away immediately!

4. Couches – Ah! The reward after a long day’s work is coming home and lounging on the couch …but be careful!! Couches can snag hair or even dry hair out depending on the material. I suggest wrapping hair up before getting cozy!!

5. Earrings – I have had some small earrings snag my hair!!

6. Cotton scarves and pillowcases – they dry hair out and make strands more likely to break!



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