Is this an orphan blog? Nah … I am back!

Wow. It has been almost 6 weeks since I have written anything on this blog. I am ashamed … but I have also been traveling a lot for work and personal reasons! I have not had much time to think about my hair, take pictures or even log on. Now that life is settling back down, I will definitely be more consistent in my writings!

So what has been going on with me? I have had TWO trips within three weeks of each other. One for two days and one for 10 days. I just returned last Friday, so I am slowly easing back into my normal routine. I forsee December being less busy, but there will be a few trips sprinkled in. I will be traveling for work in mid-December and we are planning a trip to San Francisco for New Year’s.

What’s being going on with my hair? The same ole, same ole! I got a relaxer about two weeks ago. It looked great! I got many compliments on my hair, how long it was, etc. My godsister commented “your hair is so long in the back!” Hmm … a compliment and a warning that my hair in the front grows uber slow. I mean it does grow, but between me trimming it so much, the length just doesn’t look like it’s coming in! It is still right below my chin. Oh well … it is what it is. I will try not to dust it so much this relaxer period.

I am not sure if I have reached BSB yet. If not, I am damn close. I will do a length check in a few weeks when I get my hair flat ironed. I am about 1.5 inches away from BSL, so I am pretty sure I will hit that line in the upcoming months. You know my rules … it it touches, I claim it!

I have been sick, so instead of getting my hair redone when I had the opportunity, I just washed it and let it airdry in a bun and it has stayed that way for over a week. This weekend, I plan on doing a pre-poo, chelating shampoo, deep moisturizing conditioner and roller set.

I also got duped! I bought some of my Alterna White Truffle Elixir off Amazon for the first time (trying to be stingy) and instantly noticed that something wasn’t right! I looked at my existing product and noticed that my product was thicker and appeared whiter, whereas their product was thin, runny and clear … like it had been diluted. I am sending it back this weekend and from now on, I will stick to buying this product from Ulta or another reputable retailer. That’s what one gets when they are stingy!

It is also time for me to do a product haul. I will take inventory this weekend and see what products I need.

Stay tuned … I will write and post pics this weekend … I promise!

Until next time!
A comparison of the Alterna products. The runny one is the one I received!