Hair Happenings

Wow, it has been a few weeks since I have posted! Life has been very busy! I had a work trip and I am leaving for NC tomorrow for a quick trip home (unfortunately there is no time to get my hair done).

My hair has just been my hair!  Nothing new to report. I have been doing roller sets for the past few weeks. Last week, I protective styled all week. We had our Christmas photos (will post soon) and I rolled my hair Friday morning. I will re-roll it tonight for my trip home.

I will be getting a relaxer the week of Thanksgiving. At that time, I will be about 13 weeks post, which is perfect timing! (I always seem to plan my trip home near relaxer time … I am pushing off self-relaxing forever if possible! I have about an inch (+/- in a few places) of new growth … which is on par for the timeframe (8 weeks post). I think I will get to BSB this relaxer (and then cut some off) … we shall see. As long as I make BSB/BSL (which is pretty much the same thing on me) by February, I am OK!

I have noticed I am not as hair-obsessed lately. Maybe it is because I have other crap going on … maybe it’s because getting to BSB is taking too long and I don’t have patience  .. who knows?

Well, ta ta for now!


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