Blue Tank Photos

I had Nathan take some new photos this morning in the blue tank. Since June, I have tried to do a monthly check in with the tank after I got it flat ironed. So the reason my hair will look a mess from here forward doing these photos is because I am not flat ironing my hair for a while so old slept on roller sets will have to do!

Pardon my hair … It’s kinda gross today! It’s oily and need to be washed … Not to mention its hardly combed through the week. So take the pic for what it’s worth. And note, the right side of my hair is clipped up because I did not want to manipulate it too much since its shedding!!

The top of the tank is a good marker for BSL, in my opinion! I’m getting close, but not close enough!

June 2012


July 2012


September 2012


October 2012



2 thoughts on “Blue Tank Photos

  1. What’s up Carolyn? It’s nothing short of a miracle, especially because of the ends that sometimes snap off! I really think that protective styling helps maintains those little sad ends until it’s time to dust them away!!!

    Have you tried Jamaican Black Castor Oil? I have to say, I really like this stuff better than the sulfur mix I used early in my journey!

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