Hair Happenings

Wow, it has been a few weeks since I have posted! Life has been very busy! I had a work trip and I am leaving for NC tomorrow for a quick trip home (unfortunately there is no time to get my hair done).

My hair has just been my hair!  Nothing new to report. I have been doing roller sets for the past few weeks. Last week, I protective styled all week. We had our Christmas photos (will post soon) and I rolled my hair Friday morning. I will re-roll it tonight for my trip home.

I will be getting a relaxer the week of Thanksgiving. At that time, I will be about 13 weeks post, which is perfect timing! (I always seem to plan my trip home near relaxer time … I am pushing off self-relaxing forever if possible! I have about an inch (+/- in a few places) of new growth … which is on par for the timeframe (8 weeks post). I think I will get to BSB this relaxer (and then cut some off) … we shall see. As long as I make BSB/BSL (which is pretty much the same thing on me) by February, I am OK!

I have noticed I am not as hair-obsessed lately. Maybe it is because I have other crap going on … maybe it’s because getting to BSB is taking too long and I don’t have patience  .. who knows?

Well, ta ta for now!

I Knew This Day Would Come …

I knew the day would come when I had to do a trim. Not a dusting, but a trim. I am one who would get trims regularly, as the promised return of long hair was a lure too strong to ignore. However, since I started my hair journey, I have dusted as needed. Some times my ends needed it more than others, but I’m sure I have removed over 1.5 inches throughout the year.

Well lately my ends have not been breaking as much, but I find them easily getting tangled, looking dry and appearing a bit broomstick-ish (flared ends). I decided I needed to get them trimmed. So I went to get my hair flat ironed. Sarah commented that an inch needed to be removed, but of course I wasn’t letting anyone do it but me! And I knew by her saying an inch, I would remove half an inch. Getting it flat ironed was a painful process since the iron was 400° and the way she was flat ironing it I could hear ends snap off. I just wanted to hurry up and get out of that chair. I think I may be going back to the place I went last week … Or better yet, learn how to flat iron my own hair!!

Anywho, I came home and began the trim. I removed about half an inch in some places and some pieces were even an inch long! Hahhaha! Man, afterwards my hair looked soooooo much better. The comb didn’t get caught in it!!

Now I am about .75-1 inches from BSB and 2 inches from BSL. I am still on track to make my respective goals for each length in December and February.

Blue – BSB (.75-1 inch away)

Red – MBL (4 inches away)

Yellow – WL (7 inches away)


Blue Tank Photos

I had Nathan take some new photos this morning in the blue tank. Since June, I have tried to do a monthly check in with the tank after I got it flat ironed. So the reason my hair will look a mess from here forward doing these photos is because I am not flat ironing my hair for a while so old slept on roller sets will have to do!

Pardon my hair … It’s kinda gross today! It’s oily and need to be washed … Not to mention its hardly combed through the week. So take the pic for what it’s worth. And note, the right side of my hair is clipped up because I did not want to manipulate it too much since its shedding!!

The top of the tank is a good marker for BSL, in my opinion! I’m getting close, but not close enough!

June 2012


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