New Growth

I am about 4 weeks post and have seen a considerable amount of new growth in the front. The rest of my hair seems like it is freshly relaxed in some places! It is really funny looking at all the textures going on! Here’s a picture of the front …

At least the front is growing out now, as that is the slowest part of my hair. I really think the JBCO and EVOO mixture is doing well, so I have no plans to incorporate the NJoy mix back in to my regimen anytime soon. I just didn’t like how heavy the mix was and how the sulfur smelled. The JBCO and EVOO are pretty light and I can even wear my hair down with it.

I think I will relax my hair around Veteran’s Day … I will be about 11 weeks post then. I am not looking forward to self-relaxing, so I need to start watching videos to help me out!


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