Product Review: Stay-On Satin Bonnet

For the past umpteen years, I have always used a scarf to tie my hair up. Up until recently, I used a cotton scarf (a big no-no!), but recently I have been using silk and satin scarves in addition to a satin pillowcase. I will say this .. The satin scarf stays on better than my silk one. I could barely keep that thing on overnight!

When I was at home in August, my mom and I went to Walmart so I could find these cool Scünci evolution hair ties (they are like gel!) that my godchild had. I turned around and there was this bonnet that promised to stay on for the night. And it was $1.36. I was sold!!

I must say, this bonnet lives up to its claim!! I am actually in love with this bonnet! It has a drawstring around it so you can tighten it up as needed. It’s not a huge bonnet, so one may be able to get a few rollers under there, but that’s about it. I crosswrap or pin my hair up, so space is not an issue for me! It really stays on during the night!! I can’t think of one time in the past 3 weeks that I have had it that it has come off. It also leaves my hair good and conditioned!!

I give this bonnet an A!!


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