Challenge Results – Length in Front Update

Well, my length in the front appears to be coming in. Right after my relaxer, I was a bit worried that I trimmed it all away! I did another look yesterday and it has definitely grown over the past year. I want to showcase its growth it from August 2011 where it was darn near eye-length (hahaha! Is that really a length??)

It appears that it really is growing! I rarely pay attention to this area as far as charting progress because it really doesn’t impact my true length (and it’s kinda hard to measure), but that will change! Using my chin as a guidepost … I guess I will be XX inches past chin length.

It appears that I have grown and retained bout 4-5 inches since last year, so that is a good start. Maybe next year, my front can be past my collar bone? We shall see!


August 2011 – Eye length and eating watermelon (yum!)



April 2012 – At my top lip





June 2012 – Almost chin length




September 2012 – About an inch past chin length!





2 thoughts on “Challenge Results – Length in Front Update

    • Ugh! I really have no idea how it has grown … Just moisturize and seal it daily, applying Jamaican Black Castor Oil and keeping it off my face. It’s definitely the slowest growing part of my hair! I wish it would just magically grow!! 🙂

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