Healthy Hair Journeys: Not for the faint of heart

This blog post was semi-inspired by Carolyn over at Waist Length Wishes. She discusses how she is tired of protective styling her hair and worrying that if she doesn’t, she may suffer some sort of setback. I totally concurred with her, as did other ladies on her blog.

Healthy Hair Journeys (HHJ) can be a double-edge sword. On one hand, you learn so much about your hair, how to take care of it, how to avoid setbacks, yada yada yada, but on the other hand, you worry about how anything you do it (blow dry it, wear it down, go swimming) will impede growth and/or retention. As much as I am enjoying this journey, sometimes I feel like I’m being held prisoner by my hair.

For example, I am at the point where I hate to wear my hair down, because I can “feel” the ends snagging and drying out!! So what the heck am I trying to grow my hair out for if I am just going to put it away?? I am also paranoid about any little end, strand, etc. that I find in my hand, on my sink, floor, etc. It’s almost to the point where I am a bit obsessed!! Hahah! I know the ends justify the means (no pun intended!), but it’s the psychological impact on myself that I am worried about!

I don’t need a “break” from blogging or my HHJ, as it will do no good. I can never go back to my old ways. I know too much and have come too far. I think that I am going to have Nathan hide my length check shirt until November. That way, I am not tempted to flat iron to see where I am. I will just use my body until the next relaxer.

HHJ are great and can be rewarding, but I have to find that balance where my hair is aligned with my sanity!!!

Here’s to sanity and healthy hair in tandem!!!




One thought on “Healthy Hair Journeys: Not for the faint of heart

  1. My sentiments exactly! Sometimes I really do feel like I am being held prisoner by my hair. I also feel you with about the obsessing about the strands I find. I think there has to be a balance, which I definitely don’t have. I know I am overprotective of my hair. I suppose it is time to try and let go and enjoy the ride.

    Great post!

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