Wash Day and first roller set since June!

For the last three months, Wash Day was quite quick. I washed, DC’ed, applied leave ins and went on my merry way … But now I am back to roller setting. I miss being able to wear my hair out sometimes! When I air dry it, it goes straight into a bun and stays there until next wash day.

I prepooed overnight with Alberto V-05 strawberries and cream. I felt that I needed a protein boost and this stuff delivers just enough. I co-washed since I chelated on Thursday (NC has minerals in their water and so I wanted this stuff out of my hair!!) I co-washed with Alterna Caviar and Redken All Soft.

Next I DC’ed with my Alterna 10 hair masque for 45 minutes. I took pictures of how I do my “steam” treatments. Sorry I covered my face, but it was looking quite splotchy! Hahaha!

1. Apply DC of your choice

2. Wrap hair in warm microfiber towel or turban. I wet mine with hot water.


3. Place shower cap or plastic bag over your head.


4. Sit under dryer for desired amount of time.


After that, I rinsed out DC, applied Roux Porosity Control for 1 minute and rinsed with cool water.

Now on to the roller setting. I wanted to try mesh rollers just to see how they worked, but I wasn’t feeling how they were laying when I pinned them with the metal clips (I sure as heck wasn’t using any of those straight pins just to stab myself in the head!), so I just used the magnetic rollers.

I did the mohawk method using Alterna Photo Defense, Alterna Caviar Texture, Roux 619, Lotta Body setting lotion and a new product … Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructurizer ($5.50 at Sally’s). It has some protein in it and I am feeling like I need some as a leave in as well!! It took me about 50 minutes to roll, but it was all good, as I had Pandora on 2 Chainz radio and it kept me entertained! I took my time and made sure I methodically placed the rollers in 1 inch spaces. I got frustrated at one point, but I kept going!! Here are the rollers in place.



I took about 90 minutes to dry. The top part dried quickly, but I had to go back under the dryer for the back. My dryer is OK, but it does not have a lot of vents to hit the back. I think I will buy me a new dryer when I reach BSL as a reward present!!

I took out the rollers and wow!!! The curls were absolutely gorgeous!!! I was quite pleased with my work!!




I put some moisturizer and oil on it, brushed the hair in a wrap for the final part. I tied up the front and left the top out. I got in the shower to let the style set. I was unsure of how that would turn out!! But all in all, it turned out great!! Here is the final result.




I love the bouncy curls and I love how my hair hits APL with the roller set. As you know, roller setting doesn’t necessarily let you see your true length, but that’s all good because I want body and volume!

Well, despite me having a good Wash Day, I did have some concerns. I am experiencing more shedding than normal. I know this happens in early fall, but ugh!! I am a nervous wreck every time I lose one hair!! I also dusted my ends on Friday because I felt they needed it. I am OK dusting my ends once every 6 or so weeks. Also, I am debating on doing a protein treatment next Wash Day. For some reason, I get hella nervous that the relaxer will take my hair out. I am not experiencing any significant breakage, but everything I do to my hair has me paranoid about whether it will fall out or not. Sigh….

Well, here’s to healthy hair growth (and retention!!)


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