BSL Bound: Game Plan

Almost six months ago, I posted about my plans to grow my hair to BSB/BSL. At the time, the longest layer of my hair just reached my armpit line and I was planning for the future. I knew I had about 3-4 inches of hair to grow and retain, so I wanted to strategize on how I was going to reach that goal.

Well, BSB is about an inch away and BSL is 2 inches. I am full APL (majority of my hair is under the APL line, so I am claiming it!) and I have some new goals I want to implement during this period before my next relaxer to maximize growth and retention!!

The thing is, I have no problem growing hair. Regardless of me using sulfur mix, JBCO or whatever, my hair will grow. My priorities are shifting away from growing to maintaining my ends, thickness and overall hair health.

I noticed that I have had some breaking ends due to heat use this past week. The ends had white dots on the ends, so I know it was from heat damage. It has not been an overwhelming amount, but enough for me to put the flat iron away for a long while. I plan on going back to roller setting starting this weekend. I have enjoyed the summer off from roller setting, but I need to get back in the swing of things! Also, I do not plan on getting a blow out until my next relaxer in November. I am going to work hard at my roller sets and try to get that flat ironed look without the heat. And to be perfectly honest, I prefer the full look of a roller set than the flat ironed look. After a day or two, flat ironed hair starts to look limp and greasy to me.

So to recap, my goals are to: (replies in bold on 12/23/12)

1) Continue with deep conditioners, M&Sing in sections – did it!
2) Monitor porosity issues – did it!
3) Practice roller setting – did it!
4) No full-length passes of flat irons until November relaxer – did not do it … had about three flat iron sessions in this relaxer cycle
5) Continue current regimen and tweak as necessary (so far, my regi is working for me!) – did it … did not make any drastic changes
6) Use JBCO on scalp to promote thickness – did it!
7) Dust as necessary – did it!
8) Reach 9 on my shirt!! (Hey, I went from 5 in early May to a little past 7 in mid-August … I can do it!) – did not do it … I made it to the 8 and that is fine by me!

Here’s to BSL in late November! (Did not make it, but that is ok!) I think I am going to self-relax (gasp!!) during the long Thanksgiving weekend. I will not be going home then, so it’s up to me!(I ended up going home!) I was going to wait until I went to Hawaii and let Jeanne do it, but I do not have $150 to spend on a relaxer! I will let her give me a roller set! (Did not go to Hawaii!)

Some pics of me with my hair! I thought I was Kate Middleton with the curly ends!! Kim commented on how it was weird to see my hair black and long (as I always kept it blonde and short!)




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