An Inch for Your Thoughts #9: Show me your gold medal, then talk to me about her hair …

We are smack dab in the middle of the summer Olympics! It’s an exciting time and I have enjoyed watching the athletes perform their craft.

Much attention has been paid to the 2012 Gold Medalist for Women’s Individual All-Around and a member of the 2012 Women’s Team gold medal … Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas; however, the attention is not to her accomplishment, but to her hair. Yes, you heard me: her hair.

I will not lie … at first I was like … “Hmm … she needs to do a wet bun, so she doesn’t have to use so many clips and so much gel,” but I moved on, awed at her abilities and I damn sure did not put my thoughts on Twitter (as some did). However, most people do not have such couth to keep thoughts like that to themselves … they put it out on the Twitterverse (because that is what fatties do).

My first impression is like “Whoa … she is an elite gymnast … the best in the world. What you got going on? Show me your gold medal and then I may listen to you talk about her hair.”

Then the fact that other blacks where doing this brought up that great old “crabs in a bucket” adage. This is symbolic due to actual crabs in buckets. If one tries to get out, then instead of trying to pull themselves out as well, the crabs will pull that crab set to escape back in, so they all are stuck together. So instead of praising her (as most people, black or otherwise, are), they thought it would be OK to talk about her hair, already a source of great contention in the black community. Sigh … when will our people learn?? Another rant for another day …

I am extremely proud of her (and a bit jealous that she can do a backflip, split, etc.)! I think she is a wonderful representative (whether she wants to be or not) of young black girls and is proof positive that if you work hard at something, then your dreams can come true!!

Congrats to Gabby and her family for producing this Olympic champion!


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