A Comparison – November 2011 and now

Here is a shot that I took to send my friend back in November. I was so happy that my hair was growing out from the short bob I had earlier in 2011 (note: I was not on a hair journey … I was doing all the wrong things and still it grew!)

Ever the one for comparison pics, I took this one the other day in the hotel.

Yep … there is growth!



November 2011                                              August 2012

Am I there yet? (and other ramblings) – Progress Pics!

Because I am a little Type A … I like to have my goals written out. I feel that I affirm and acknowledge them more … if that makes any damn sense (it does to me, so I guess that is all that matters, right?)

So as I previously mentioned … I am about .5 inches away from BSB. I think it is high time I evaluate my goals and see how far I am from the other milestones of hair growth land!

First of all, I must recount about how much hair I have grown AND retained this year. It is about 4 inches from January – August, which is amazing, since some people do not retain that in a year. At that rate, I retain .5 inches per month (counting the dustings and breaking ends), so yeah, BSL could definitely be in my immediate future.

From January – August, I have retained about 4 inches of growth (from about a 3 on my shirt to now past 7) … that is pretty wild if I must say so myself.

Here is my hair growth from the beginning of my hair journey in January to August. Sometimes it helps to compare and  see how far you have come!

January 2012                                               August 2012

Note to self: get a higher fitting bra. The bras I wear (and like) are darn near MBL. I need to pick out a bra that will more accurately gauge that length for me!

BSB – 1 inches

BSL – 1.5-2 inches away! (depending on bra!)

MBL – 3.5-4 inches away

WL – 7 inches

Replies are in bold and made on 12/23/12

So my short-term goal is to hit BSL by December/January. It would be great if I was able to grow from full shoulder length to BSL within a year’s time (my one year HHJ will be in January!) – This will not happen. It will end up being me going from full SL to BSB in a year. I think that BSL is going to happen in spring 2013. It took me from August to December to get a full inch to get to BSB!

My mid-term goal is to hit MBL by mid-May 2013. I think that is totally doable unless I am faced with a setback. It will take me about 8 months to grow and retain that amount of hair. Again, this is not going to happen unless I am given a miracle growth of hair! From today, I am about 3.5 inches away from MBL. That will take me about 8 months of growth and retention to get there. I am predicting this will happen in the Fall of 2013.

My long term goal is WL. That is probably 12-18 months away depending on my trimming schedule. I want to be WL by the time Nathan finishes law school in May 2014 … I think that will be a great milestone to look forward to … for the both of us!



Two weeks ago, my godchild came in from NC. We had a blast going the touristy stuff such as going to the State Capitol in Salem and going to Pike Place and the Space Needle (again for me) in Seattle.

She happened to come to visit when it was sweltering hot. I mean 100 degrees. It was bun time for her as well!! She has the most beautiful, thick hair and I was not going to let the heat get to it, so we styled our hair in my favorite protective style …buns!!

Since she has returned, her mom said she is requesting to wear her hair that way!! Woo-hoo for protective styling!!

While she was here, I also taught her the importance of wrapping our hair up in satin or silk (not cotton), M&Sing and keeping our ends off our backs as much as possible. It seemed to resonate with her because she requested I cross wrap her hair before she sat down and played video games so her hair would not touch the couch!!!

Here are some pictures of her beautiful face and hair!!




BSL Bound: Game Plan

Almost six months ago, I posted about my plans to grow my hair to BSB/BSL. At the time, the longest layer of my hair just reached my armpit line and I was planning for the future. I knew I had about 3-4 inches of hair to grow and retain, so I wanted to strategize on how I was going to reach that goal.

Well, BSB is about an inch away and BSL is 2 inches. I am full APL (majority of my hair is under the APL line, so I am claiming it!) and I have some new goals I want to implement during this period before my next relaxer to maximize growth and retention!!

The thing is, I have no problem growing hair. Regardless of me using sulfur mix, JBCO or whatever, my hair will grow. My priorities are shifting away from growing to maintaining my ends, thickness and overall hair health.

I noticed that I have had some breaking ends due to heat use this past week. The ends had white dots on the ends, so I know it was from heat damage. It has not been an overwhelming amount, but enough for me to put the flat iron away for a long while. I plan on going back to roller setting starting this weekend. I have enjoyed the summer off from roller setting, but I need to get back in the swing of things! Also, I do not plan on getting a blow out until my next relaxer in November. I am going to work hard at my roller sets and try to get that flat ironed look without the heat. And to be perfectly honest, I prefer the full look of a roller set than the flat ironed look. After a day or two, flat ironed hair starts to look limp and greasy to me.

So to recap, my goals are to: (replies in bold on 12/23/12)

1) Continue with deep conditioners, M&Sing in sections – did it!
2) Monitor porosity issues – did it!
3) Practice roller setting – did it!
4) No full-length passes of flat irons until November relaxer – did not do it … had about three flat iron sessions in this relaxer cycle
5) Continue current regimen and tweak as necessary (so far, my regi is working for me!) – did it … did not make any drastic changes
6) Use JBCO on scalp to promote thickness – did it!
7) Dust as necessary – did it!
8) Reach 9 on my shirt!! (Hey, I went from 5 in early May to a little past 7 in mid-August … I can do it!) – did not do it … I made it to the 8 and that is fine by me!

Here’s to BSL in late November! (Did not make it, but that is ok!) I think I am going to self-relax (gasp!!) during the long Thanksgiving weekend. I will not be going home then, so it’s up to me!(I ended up going home!) I was going to wait until I went to Hawaii and let Jeanne do it, but I do not have $150 to spend on a relaxer! I will let her give me a roller set! (Did not go to Hawaii!)

Some pics of me with my hair! I thought I was Kate Middleton with the curly ends!! Kim commented on how it was weird to see my hair black and long (as I always kept it blonde and short!)



JBCO Challenge Results and new milestone made!

Well I did a JBCO challenge for about two months and wanted to give a quick follow up.

The back of my hair grew … as it always does. I could not tell a difference it the amount of hair that grew.

My ultimate goal was to grow out the front where some pieces fall about chin length. Well, it grew out a bit, but not enough to make me happy.

I did have to dust my hair twice this summer, so maybe that hurt a bit. I am getting new growth in the front, so why I am not seeing much progress is beyond me. I am going to start taking more pictures and monitoring the front of my hair’s growth progress!

On another note, sans a few layers in the front and on the sides, I am officially full APL!!! Most of the hair on my head passes that line and I am claiming it!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!

Now onto BSB by the end of the year!!!!!!!! I have about .5 inches left!

Post Relaxer Update!

Well, I got my relaxer last Tuesday, but since I have been on the go since I arrived in NC … I have not even had a chance to take a pic nor post about it. I leave tomorrow morning, so I thought that I would burn the midnight oil (literally, its after midnight here) and write about it.

As I noted last post, I washed my hair Sunday and got a relaxer Tuesday … that was a bad idea. My head burned so bad, I had Kim wash the relaxer out early! It’s not so much a bad thing, as my hair was processed enough anyways … but now I have some scabs. Ah, the joy of relaxing hair.

Before putting the relaxer on, I covered my processed hair with cheapie conditioner to prevent double processing. After the relaxer, Kim washed with neutralizing shampoo, followed up by my Alterna Caviar shampoo. I deep conditioned for 15 minutes with Alterna Caviar conditioner and Alterna 10 Hair Masque followed by a final cold rinse with Roux Porosity Control. The leave-ins were my typical leave-ins. Kim blow dried and flat ironed my hair and it looked amazing!!!!!! I was so impressed! I can tell a radical length change from my relaxer in May to the one in August.

Well, my joy was short lived. I am not sure if my hair was not dry enough or the NC humidity was too strong, but by the next day, my hair was a swollen mess. I had to go to my friend Scott’s house in Morrisville to co-wash and blow dry it so that I could get it flat ironed at the Walmart salon! I had some important outings and I had to look fly. I apologized to my hair for the heat overload, but made sure that it had plenty of heat protectant on it. This style has lasted all week. I wonder if it is because I used the cool shot on the blow dryer to “set” the style.

I made it past the 7 in the longest layers … which was my goal for this relaxer cycle. I will post pics when I get home tomorrow evening! I am really proud of my hair. I have gotten a lot of compliments on its health and how long it is getting!!! I am closing in on BSB. That shoulder blade is getting close to being covered!! I think that I will be BSB by October. I don’t think that I will be BSL by my next relaxer in late November … but if I can get 1.5 inches, then I will be darn close!

Here’s to healthy hair growth and length retention!

Sorry for the picture without the length check shirt on. I will take one soon!

Pre Relaxer Babbling

Well I am in Utah waiting for my flight to Atlanta. I do believe I have the crappiest itinerary possible (even the Delta representative said so). I am on a red eye … I leave Utah in about two hours so I thought I would write a blog post instead!!

Well, tomorrow I get my relaxer! It has been about three months and three weeks since my relaxer in May and boy, can I tell! I have about two inches of new growth in the front of my hair and I am not sure about the back, as I did not do a final measurement. I am excited to see the progress that I made! I will probably be solidly past the 7 on my shirt in my longest layer, which will mean I am about two inches away from BSL in the longest layers! I am thinking about what if I am at the 8, which is BSB? Ooh!!! That would make me cry!!

Side note: I feel like a child on Christmas Eve tonight!!! I can’t wait to see what the hair fairy has left me this relaxer cycle!!

I did my relaxer prep yesterday (yeah, I know … A bit short notice). I clarified, did the Aphogee 2 minute Keratin treatment and left it on for about 30 minutes. I deep conditioned with my Alterna 10 and took a nap! I was so exhausted from my godchild’s visit!! I put in the normal leave-ins, wet bunned it and tied it up.

Well, I will definitely post pics when I get the relaxer done tomorrow night!! Wish me luck!!

Now its time for me to stretch out and take a nap!!

I am convinced … I can feel my hair grow.

There are random times when I feel like I may have fleas/lice/bugs in my hair. My scalp starts to feel like there is some weird activity going on … not sure what it is! It just feels like my scalp is crawling (weird, I know).

I am convinced this is a sign that my hair is growing, as are the ladies over at Long Hair Care Forum


Just had to share this random thought!

This is a picture of the Lice Family from an episode of South Park back in Spring 2007! They are in the head of Clyde.

An Inch for Your Thoughts #9: Show me your gold medal, then talk to me about her hair …

We are smack dab in the middle of the summer Olympics! It’s an exciting time and I have enjoyed watching the athletes perform their craft.

Much attention has been paid to the 2012 Gold Medalist for Women’s Individual All-Around and a member of the 2012 Women’s Team gold medal … Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas; however, the attention is not to her accomplishment, but to her hair. Yes, you heard me: her hair.

I will not lie … at first I was like … “Hmm … she needs to do a wet bun, so she doesn’t have to use so many clips and so much gel,” but I moved on, awed at her abilities and I damn sure did not put my thoughts on Twitter (as some did). However, most people do not have such couth to keep thoughts like that to themselves … they put it out on the Twitterverse (because that is what fatties do).

My first impression is like “Whoa … she is an elite gymnast … the best in the world. What you got going on? Show me your gold medal and then I may listen to you talk about her hair.”

Then the fact that other blacks where doing this brought up that great old “crabs in a bucket” adage. This is symbolic due to actual crabs in buckets. If one tries to get out, then instead of trying to pull themselves out as well, the crabs will pull that crab set to escape back in, so they all are stuck together. So instead of praising her (as most people, black or otherwise, are), they thought it would be OK to talk about her hair, already a source of great contention in the black community. Sigh … when will our people learn?? Another rant for another day …

I am extremely proud of her (and a bit jealous that she can do a backflip, split, etc.)! I think she is a wonderful representative (whether she wants to be or not) of young black girls and is proof positive that if you work hard at something, then your dreams can come true!!

Congrats to Gabby and her family for producing this Olympic champion!

Hair Growth Phases

This morning, a co-worker had a piece of hair on her jeans. Being the weird person that I am, I checked to make sure that it had a bulb to determine whether it was broken or shed: it was shed.

She said she wished she didn’t shed hair … I assured her she was not alone. Imagine how thick our hair would be, she said. Then I told her how hair growth worked. I told her that if our hair reached terminal length at the same time, then it would all fall out and we would be bald, waiting for our hair to grow out evenly!

Shed hair, while annoying to lose, is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. You can read about it on numerous blogs, so I think this pictorial from The Florida Skin Institute says it the best!! How cute is this??

anagen, catagen, telogen phases of hair growth