An Inch for Your Thoughts #8: “Do you have some Crack?”

“Do you all have Crack?” a middle-aged white woman asked in Ulta Saturday. I was in the chair with a flat iron going full steam ahead on my hair, but I could not help but whip my head around and see who would ask that question.

“No, we don’t,” a stylist replied. I bust out in laughter, as did another client. Then the stylist took the time to explain what Crack is.

It is a styling product. Here is what Ulta  says about Crack. It looks like I may have to try this stuff!!

A habit-forming and lightweight leave-in styling aid that instantly transforms dry, frizzy, curly, keratin-depleted hair – to a healthy, shiny, smooth dimension. Highly sophisticated micro proteins and power peptides found in Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, instantly infuse deep into the hair shaft to strengthen, repair and protect stressed out hair, while blocking the harmful effects of thermal styling tools, heat, sun, chlorine and humidity. Crack offers ease of ‘combability’ by allowing the brush to easily glide through wet or dry hair, eliminating up to 80% of hair breakage. Eliminates split ends, polishes, nourishes, smoothes, protects, and allows you to create a pin-straight, sleek style – or helps to define and control the curls you love. Perfect to use with hair extensions too!


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