SCORE! Silk scarf for $3.50!!!

Sunday Nathan and I trekked to the mens’ store at Macy’s on the quest to find him some khaki shorts. The only ones he has had since high school finally tore so he needed more. While he was trying on clothes, there was a clearance bin of scarves that I was rummaging through. I picked one silk-feeling one up. I did not think that it was 100% silk, but some synthetic fiber(s) instead. I looked for the tag and sure enough, it said “100% silk!” The price tag was $9.99. However, being the great Macy’s shopper that I am, I headed right for the self-scan price check kiosk. I scanned it and it rang up $3.50! I was thrilled! Silk scarves are so pricey! The ones I have seen retail for over $30! I rushed back over to see how many more they had. Unfortunately, there was only one more in the same pattern … so I bought both of them for myself. I wanted to buy one for my mom, but I will look elsewhere!

I have been using it the past two nights. Last night, I M&Sed (no noticeable breakage … woo-hoo!) and tied my hair up with this silk scarf. I woke up and my hair felt so moisturized! I definitely like silk better than satin.

I am going to see if I can find some more for my friends and mom. For $3.50, it’s too good to pass up!



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