Wash Day and the heat break continues!

Today was Wash Day. I was in the shower when I decided to do it, so obviously there was no pre-poo. I washed and shower conditioned with my Alterna products. I then followed up with a deep conditioner using Alterna 10 and EVOO. I sat under the dryer for an hour with this on my hair.

When I rinsed it out, I decided to air dry using the scarf method. The scarf method is where you tie the front of your hair down and allow the back to dry hanging. (This can also be used to wet bun, twist, braid, etc.) I smoothed my hair down every 20 minutes or so to help keep frizz at bay. It was so hot that my hair was almost 80% dry in an hour!!

Despite my best efforts, my hair did not dry as straight as I hoped, but that’s OK! I plan on bunning and wearing it up all week anyway. I really must say that I like this heat break!! It has been three weeks since I have used heat. It is saving me so much time on Wash Days! Instead of having to take 2 hours to roll and dry, I style it while it’s wet and go!! However, I am looking forward to seeing it pressed out in a month or so! I think this heat break will produce great results for me!!

Here is my bun. It’s cute!!



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