Today marks the 6 month anniversary of my hair journey! It seems like yesterday that I just started this journey, hungry for information on how I can finally stop saying, “I am going to grow my hair out,” and actually do it!

I have grown so much since January when it comes to hair care … I have realized I have been doing ALL the wrong things and that is why my hair never flourished (see upcoming post about my review on “The Science of Black Hair” by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy). I am actually lucky that I have any hair left at all, some of the things that I have done to my hair should have been considered a crime (double processing – relaxer with permanent color topped off with highlights! – boo!)

So here are my favorite lessons from the past 6 months:

1. Protective styling! I am a huge and dedicated fan of this! I bet my hair has been worn down to work a total of 8-10 times in the past 6 months.

2. Keep the blow dryer and flat iron out of your hair! I was killing my hair by blowing out my hair and flat ironing it every week. What made it worse was that I would bump my ends (on 410 degrees) a few times a week! And to top it off, I did not do deep conditioning treatments. I would just use conditioner in the shower and some leave-ins and think that was enough. It really is no wonder the ends were snapping off.

3. Patience!  Wasn’t I supposed to be BSL yesterday? I think so. Time is not a hair growers favorite part of a healthy hair journey, but unfortunately, it is a mandatory component. I wish it took me 8 months to go from shoulder length to BSL, but that’s not happening! I have learned (and still learning) that the length will come if I keep up the regimen.

4. Stop maintenance cutting hair!   I totally bought into the “keep your ends trimmed and your hair will grow” proverb that stylists told you. I would get my hair clipped every 8-12 weeks. And sometimes these turned into hair cuts and I would lose an inch or so. I didn’t care because I knew that this would pay off in the end … well this is not true because if it was, I would be MBL. Hair grows from the scalp, not the ends (I knew that, of course), so cutting the ends had no bearing on whether my hair would grow. Of course, it probably needed the cut due to my dry ends, but I have not been to get my hair cut since I have started this journey. I just dust when needed!

Here is a comparison shot from January to June.



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