Hair Growth in the Front

One of my goals this summer is to increase growth in the front of my head. As I previously mentioned, the front part of my hair grows a lot slower than the back. I am not sure if it is due to years of layering hair that framed my face, but I am going to need my front to play catch up! I know it will be years before a BSL blunt cut, but I don’t want there to be too many inches between the front and back.

I found a picture from April where I took a picture of my front, so I thought I would compare it to the picture I took for the beginning of the JBCO challenge. I can tell there has been a good amount of growth in the front in just two months.

As you can tell, in April, the front was right at my top lip. In June, it is almost to my chin! Next stop for the front ….shoulder length! :o)

April 2012


June 2012




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