Good things come to those who weight …

132. That was the number that I saw on the papers from my last visit at Kaiser Permanente. I normally avoid looking at my weight, since it does nothing but send me into an episode of despair, but my co-worker was asking me about my vitals and they happened to be on that paper … right beside the weight. I was in disbelief. I weighed 132 lbs? Nah, that could not be true; that hasn’t been so in 3 years.

To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I went on Kaiser’s website where they store information from your visits. I NEVER look at the weight, so I had no idea of the progressive drop off since I moved to Oregon. I started at 148 in October (I had my boots and stuff on … ) down to 132 last Tuesday. I was 133 (unbeknownst to me) in May when I went home. People asked me if I lost weight, because I looked smaller since my December visit. I just shrugged it off, as I had no idea. I knew some of my clothes were a bit looser, but I wear a size 6 regardless, so I really could not tell.

I was also shocked because I have been eating horribly as of late. I have been working out sporadically and not dedicating enough time to fitness … so to see 132 was definitely a shock, as I felt like I was 145 lbs!

To understand why I am so happy to see this number … I must tell a bit of “weighted” history. In 2008, I was at my lowest weight (117 lbs). This was a combination of daily runs, a broken heart and fast metabolism. I was 24 years old at the time. Well, that was not sustainable, because in the fall of 2008, I gradually went up to 130 lbs and could not get below that number no matter how hard I tried (well, once I made it to 126 after a night of drinking lemon drops, getting drunk and throwing up all over the place). I figured 130 was my set point and I was still a small size 4, so I was fine with that.

That lasted until I moved to Hawaii in August 2009. I arrived in Hawaii 130 lbs and slowly crept up to 140 lbs, despite me walking more, working out hard and eating the same diet I had in North Carolina. No matter how hard I tried, I could not dip below 136, and making it to that number was a combination of being sick, working out hard and weighing myself early in the morning. I was desperate! I did the Lemonade diet (for a day … I was so hungry after the fact), ran for 4 or 5 miles and ate salads every day for lunch. I normally was between 139-142, which was frustrating, to say the least. I always wondered if I held onto more water over in Hawaii and that was the reason for the gain … but I could never prove that so I resolved myself to 140 being my new weight.

So now I am 132 … my pre-Hawaii weight!! I have rededicated myself to fitness, nutrition and the goal of making it to 130 … dare I make it to 128? That would really be wishful thinking!



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