Bare Minerals, You’re OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Another skin update. Gotta love the skin updates!

Well my skin is making good progress since the elimination of Retin A Micro, implementing of chemical peels in routine and use of Tri-Sprintec birth control. However, I keep getting these annoying bumps under my jawline that I could not get rid of. When I would not wear makeup, they would go away, but as soon as I would put makeup (namely, Bare Minerals), they would reappear.

I thought that using Bare Minerals was great for my skin, after all, they tout how Bare Minerals is so pure, that you can sleep in it. YEAH RIGHT! After some thinking last week, I realized that I was getting pimples that cropped up during the day when wearing Bare Minerals, so it had to be some ingredient causing this. I looked online and found out that the ingredient bismuth that can be hazardous to sensitive skin like mine. Check out this article.

So I decided to wear Clinique, as I have had good results with them in the past. So far, acne under my chin has been greatly reduced!

I guess putting slabs of powdered dirt on your face isn’t as healthy as it seems!

On another skin note, I am happy to report that I have returned to not wearing makeup on the weekends. I just throw on some tinted Clearasil and moisturizer and go! I took that for granted when my skin was in great condition. I am just thankful that I have made progress thus far!

2 thoughts on “Bare Minerals, You’re OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Are you using Bare Minerals Matte or the Original? The original has bismuth oxychloride (spelling?) which acne suffers should try and stay away from. I like the Matte because it has very few ingredients and it hasn’t broken me out. When I break out, I don’t get just get isolated pimples, my whole face breaks out. Adult acne is the worst. I don’t use anything from the line other than the matte foundation.

    • Hi Carolyn! I have read your blog before … funny that I get a reply from you! I actually remember reading about your experience with silicones and was remembered when I read an entry from Derby City Naturals on cones yesterday! :o)

      I started off using the Original that came in the kit, but switched to the matte for the sunscreen purposes. However, the “warmth” still contains the bismuth oxychloride, which is what I think was continuing the acne cycle. I wore Mac Studio Fix for years, but never broke out (which is odd, because many people claim Mac breaks them out), so I am sure that it was the bismuth oxychloride in BM! It is doing so much better now. I did keep the BM because I liked the matte coverage … so I may bust it out to see if I can get away with just wearing that and foregoing the warmth.

      And yes, adult acne is the worse. To me, it’s so stubborn, especially the hormonal acne that appears on your jawline. I hate that type the worst! I am finally getting my skin back on track after it went bonkers this winter.

      Good luck on your HHJ! I will be keeping up with you! :o)


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