Another challenge … a summer without heat? :)

Greetings! Last week I made a decision to try to go without using heat as long as I could. So last Saturday, I did my normal wash day routine complete with pre-poo/hot oil, a black tea rinse, deep conditioning steam treatment and leave-ins. After detangling, I two-strand twisted my hair and let it air dry. I cannot express the amount of joy of not having to roll my hair and sit under the dryer.

Flash forward to Thursday evening, my hair was getting a bit parched and thirsty, so I felt it was time for a co-wash. I co-washed with Alberto V-05 and Alterna Caviar. I sprayed Roux 619 all over my hair and instead of detangling my hair AFTER applying leave-ins, I detangled before and I felt that the process went a lot better. I then began to apply leave-ins to each section, followed by two strand twists. Instead of doing my normal 3 on each side, I did about 5 or 6 twists on each half of my head. I then pin-curled them and tied them with a cotton scarf, because I wanted them to dry faster overnight since I didn’t wash my hair until 8:30pm. The look I was going for was silky-looking twists and when I took them down this morning, that it was I got! I was amazed at how pretty they looked! I have gotten a lot of compliments from my co-workers! It really looks like I have natural hair! My hair is so thick and curly! And even when it is tightly curled, my hair comes down past my shoulders. I cannot wait until I do this style and it is APL unstretched! The curls are pretty all the way down to the end (normally the ends look a bit frazzled).

I think this will be the style that I will be doing this summer. I have about 56 days until my relaxer, so I think that I can continue this no-heat regimen. It will also prevent me from doing moot length checks every week (sigh … those are so tiresome). I probably will co-wash my hair 1 or 2x per week and shampoo as normal on the weekends.

I have also noticed that the ends of my hair are not breaking off as bad as they did previously with air dry styles. I think it’s because I have clipped some of the troublesome ones off and am doing a better job of keeping my hair M&S with quality products.


Here are the pics from Friday’s twist out!




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